Last minute Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is quickly approaching, if you need a costume idea, we’re here with some suggestions.

The bed sheet ghost is a Halloween cliché so I offer an updated version of the classic. Instead of using a white bed sheet, use a flannel one. When people ask what you are dressed as, reply that you are the ghost of a dead hipster. A couple Pabst Blue Ribbon cans tied together make a great alternative to rattling chains.

Zombies and vampires are popular this year and really only require a minimal monetary investment. Thrift stores are your one-stop shops for expendable clothing or relatively inexpensive suits. If you want to make a realistic zombie or vampire costume, however, you’re going to need some fake blood. Will Sheckler has the solution with his personal recipe.

Fake Blood Recipe:


• 4 tbsp of Corn Syrup

• 2 cups of Warm water (or as much as the amount of blood needed)

• 1 tbsp Red food coloring (use a few drops of yellow and green to make realistic)

• 1 tbsp of Cocoa powder/chocolate syrup

• Bowl/Jug/some kind of container

After you aquire the necessary materials, which can be found for cheap in most dollar stores, you need to mix the ingredients together.

Step one: place the water and cocoa in with each other before adding other ingredients.

Step two: add corn syrup and gradually add drops of red food dye until satisfied.

Step three: keep mixing reds and very little bits of yellow and green for darker colors.

Now, you have a delicious way to make fake blood around your face.