Movies on my Mind: The Three Musketeers

Calling all action and adventure fan, lovers of steam punk, and scalley wag pirates, too; “The Three Musketeers” released in theaters and it will definitely entertain you.

“The Three Musketeers” are the best elite swordsmen for the King of France and defenders of Europe when it is in danger. Single handedly these highly trained fighters are capable of taking on the whole European continent and they’re still ready for more.

We’re introduced at the beginning to the three heroes: Arthos (leader; intellect), Aramis (stealth), and Porthos (strength). As well, we have D’Artagnan, a new aspiring musketeer, that’s taken under the wing of the other musketeers.

Together the four are unstoppable. An example displayed at the beginning of the film when D’Artagnan and the Musketeers take on 40 of the King’s guards successfully. After their feat, the King of France and Cardinal Richelieu summon the musketeers for punishment. Cardinal wishes that the four to be treated harshly for such crimes, but the King found their victory to be quite impressive; so he commends them and tells them not to do it again.

One of the main adaptations to the film is the use of steam punk technology like fully functional scuba gear while it has the look of the time and still looks pretty cool.

The film reminds me of ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ meets steam punk technology once the Duke of Buckingham (Oralando Bloom) sails onto the French King’s courtyard in his flying battleship. Another selling point of the movie had to be the choice of actors like Bloom and Matthew MacFadyen (played Mr. Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice”), the attempted feel you get from the ‘pirates’ films, and the flying ships. I really was jealous about those giant ships because deep down even with all of today technology a flying air ship is all anyone really wants…. Sword fights and battles will more than likely occur later.

Ending off here, just don’t compare it to the classics and it’ll be fun. Let loose and enjoy yourself a while. “I never remembered history being so interesting,” said Jason Swafford, movie attendee and student at TTU.

Pros: EXPLOSIONS, air ships, decent and fun sword fights, an interesting update of the films

Cons: a little too predictable, the credits song threw me off, wouldn’t see it in 3D

What to look forward to: A second movie with more air ships and Orlando Bloom.

Rating: C+, a good matinee and fun adventure film.