A letter to the Homecoming donut crew

This is a shoutout to the group of people on Dixie Avenue who toss donuts to students in the Homecoming parade every year.

I have no idea what your names are why you all do it. All I know is that you are wonderful.

You make all of the parade preparations worth it. Nothing puts a smile on a worn out college student’s face like free sugar-glazed food.

I still remember how surprised I was to see you the first time I was in the parade.

My freshman year I got up way early and drove out to the parking lot behind Hobby Lobby where all of the floats are put in order and last minute touch-ups are done.

You would be amazed how long it took. More than an hour later I was still standing there in the freezing cold.

As we all know, Cookeville weather isn’t fond of comfortable temperatures. If you get stuck waiting for something outside, one of three things will happen. You’ll freeze, sweat or get soaked from rain.

On this particular occasion, much like every Homecoming at Tech, the weather decided that there weren’t enough cases of frostbite in Cookeville. So I got to stand there at the crack of dawn on Saturday in the freezing cold.

Finally we started to move. I was in an environmental group and that had decided to ride bikes in the parade. The bikes were decorated and it was hard to reach the brakes through all of the ribbons and paper-mache, so every time the float in front of us stopped we would crash into it.

So there I was, cold, tired, bruised and seriously questioning why I ever wanted to be in the parade.

And then I saw a donut fly through the air.

I looked to my left and saw a group of people standing on the sidewalk surrounded by empty donut boxes.

One of them asked me if I wanted a donut and I smiled wondering who on earth would ever say no to that question.

The person grabbed a donut out of a box and threw it my direction. I was amazed that I caught it. Apparently my hand-eye coordination is better when people throw donuts at me instead of footballs.

I thought the donuts were a one-time deal. But sure enough next year they proved me wrong.

There I was for the second time in the freezing cold feeling tired and asking myself why I decided to be in the parade. And once again I saw donuts flying through the air.

Your group made being in the parade worthwhile

So here’s to you, Dixie Avenue donut crew. I think I speak for everyone in the parade when I say that on Homecoming morning you all are our favorite people.