Campus competitions boost student spirit

Twenty-five organizations are participating in the 2011 annual student competition that coincides with Tennessee Tech’s Homecoming football game and celebration this Saturday.

Of those participating, 13 greek organizations are competing in the student Homecoming contest taking place the week prior to the football game.

“I think Greeks are very involved in Homecoming because they are well organized and there is a healthy competitive spirit among the chapters,” Katie Williams, Director of Greek Life, said. “Our Greek organizations also have a lot of alumni who return to TTU for Homecoming so they want to impress their alumni and show them how well the chapter is doing.”

Two residential halls/learning villages are competing in all student homecoming challenges, as well as all greek organizations.

“Across the board, all residential halls/learning villages are competing in our own competition [“Tech Wars],” Andrew Moneymaker, Capital Quad Coordinator, said. “The more points they achieve in the homecoming activites, the more points they get for Tech Wars.”

Although only two percent of the 200 registered student organizations are participating in the student homecoming week challenges, 100 percent of greek organizations are engaging in the week-long competition.

“It is great for Tech and the community when all organizations come together,” Delaney McCann, Phi Mu member, said. “It builds morale for Tech and the Tech community.”

However, for those four registered student organizations, its about networking with students and Tech alumni.

“We [BCM] value campus involvement and meeting new people,” Chester Goad, Baptist Colligiate Ministry Advisor, said.

Winners are picked by the total number of points in events and will be announced at the football game’s halftime.