Golden Eagle Player Profile: Amelia McCoy

A sophomore runner from Crossvile, Tenn., McCoy was a standout runner at Cumberland County High School and placed second on the team at the NCAA South Regionals last year.

Any pets?: “I have a fat cat named Izzy and a chameleon named Moe.”

What do you do when you’re bored?: “I like to sleep and eat and if I have energy, I like to hike, swim, and be outdoors. I also like to sing in the car.”

Favorite food?: “Steak and chocolate. Not together though. They’re separate, but equal.”

Why do you like running?: “I like beating people and the competition.”

When cross country is over, what track & field events do you run?: “5K and 10K.”

What’re your pet peeves?: “People that chew really loudly and slow people that drive in the fast lane. It drives me nuts.”

Favorite sports to watch?: “I like to watch gymnastics and sometimes basketball if it’s a good game. I don’t really have a favorite team though.”

Running shoes?: “Asics DS Trainers. Asics are the best.”

Shout outs?: “The baseball team.”

Favorite music?: “Gangster rap and whatever is on the radio. Sometimes I like Dubstep, but that’s usually when I’m cleaning.”