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Largest SOLO Fund concert voter turnout chooses LMFAO

Nearly 4,600 students out of Tech’s 11,768 voted in last Tuesday’s Student Organization Life Opportunity Fund band vote.

LMFAO won with 1,544 student votes, or 33 percent, and Gym Class Heroes came in second with 900 votes, or about 19 percent. LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” is currently no. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Ashley Humphrey, SGA treasurer and SOLO Fund Committee chairperson, said that she was excited about the number of votes, but that ultimately the SGA will choose whichever band will agree to perform.

“In the case that SGA is unable to schedule the top chosen band, we reserve the right to schedule another band further down the list,” Humphrey said.

She said that the voting server for the SOLO Fund lists this provision allowing SGA the choice of which band will perform at Tech, and that SGA uses the SOLO voting results as more of an opinion poll.

The voting for the concert took place during the voting for Tech’s 2011 Homecoming court Oct. 25. This was the first time that SGA combined the SOLO concert vote with the Homecoming vote.

“I voted for Homecoming court and saw that I could also vote for which band would play for the spring SOLO concert,” Eric Hall, senior nursing major, said. “I liked the convenience of the double voting opportunity.”

Kimmy Steele, a senior exercise science major and Homecoming representative of Kappa Delta sorority, said she thought that having the combined voting opportunities was an advantage for the Homecoming candidates and for the SOLO concert.

“I encouraged people to vote for the SOLO concert while they were voting for me,” Steele said. “I think that more students voted for both situations because of the convenience.”

Humphrey said that SGA may try pairing the spring concert vote with the SGA senate or executive elections next semester.

“Even if it isn’t feasible for us to combine another set of elections, we feel like the concert series is drumming up enough interest on its own,” Humphrey said.