Media Center continues food-based film series

Check it out: Volpe Library Media Center has been showing the fall semester four-part film series every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in room 110 until Nov. 15.

 The series is called “The Business of Food: The International Trade in What the World Eats.” Each film is an eye opening experience that allows the public to know what goes into your food, how it’s distributed, how it’s made, and more about on how we take it for granted.

Media center coordinator, Pat McGee, chose all the films.

“I hope folks realize the food industry is more than what we see in the super markets,” said McGee. “It’s an international business effecting worldwide economics and social development.”

Last Tuesday the media center showed the film, “Chicken for Africa: the Dirty Business of Leftover” that covered the production of chicken and how corporations get rid of all the pieces of the bird that other countries like England, France, and Germany will not eat. These counties, United States included, sell off the remaining chicken parts of poorer third world countries for profit.

This sale severely harms the agricultures of these countries put many local farms out of business. People buy germ infested meats that have been taken in an out of freezers all day without the proper standards of health involved which harms the people that have no other choice but to starve.

“I think this movie points out some of the darker sides of globalization,” said McGee. “We think it’s nice that we can buy goods produced from all over the world, but we need to understand that there are very negative consequences involved in the trade of global products.”

On Nov. 8, the series will present “Food War,” which deals with food production and distribution around the world.

The following week, “The Future of Food” will air. It looks into the genetic engineering of food crops.

Films are available for individual viewing in the library media center.

The films show every Tuesday at 6 pm in the Volpe Library Media Center in room 110, come early to get good seats.