Movies On My Mind: In Time

Time is a precious commodity. Especially here in the United States, where every second of our day is scheduled around something and the movie “In Time” balances the line between sci-fi and the image of the Western world perfectly.

Are you looking forward to the future? Think again, according to the film we may have solved the economy issue and fell into a new hole with theoretically the most abundant man made invention ‘TIME,’ but the results may cost your life. In the world of “In Time,” humanity is divided up into different sectors based on income of the rich, middle class, and the poor.

We begin our journey with Justin Timberlake’s character, Will Salas, and his mother looking like a 25 year old; this makes for one trippy beginning in my book. On with show, Will notices a man at the bar with way too much time on him and he’s drunkenly making a scene about it. Will saves his life from ghetto thugs and in return, the man gives him all of his time. Doing the time math, Will went from 18 hours to more than a century. Time cops that were in pursuit of the man from the bar, but now with the bar man dead and time ‘missing’ they set their sights on Will. We get to see at this time some of the middle class district as Will rides his way in style into the upper class sector.

In the rich sector, Will enjoys life a little frivolously but still sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to trying to blend in. He meets Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried), the daughter of the richest time lender in the world, Philippe Weis. Sylvia has no freedom living from her father’s eye and his constant bodyguards until she meets Will Salas with his live-in-the-moment attitude. After Will evades the time cops, the two start robbing rich banks and giving the time to those that need it in other to disrupt the system.

The film’s plot reminds me of a modern Robin Hood tale. The crime: stolen time. In this world besides the cost of living being time, another factor is people can stay age 25 forever. Time is the ultimate currency here.

Now for me, I thought when time ran out people would age quickly before my eyes kind of like “Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade,” but no people just die exactly on zero. Maybe it was just me, but having a huge clock on your arm with the hours of minutes for more than a century rather confused me. Even though the film shown varieties from people living a few hours, days, century, and eons; it still all looked like the numbers were just slapped on. They should hand out time key with the DVD release, but it’s very interesting film.

The plot of the film was very interesting. I liked the spinoff to this world where currency is time and the attitude of living in the moment.

The best quote summed up by the main character, Will Salas, is, “There’s a lot you can do in a day.” So don’t waste your time… Except you should see this movie, then enjoy your life in hopes science doesn’t bio-engineer our bodies to live like reporters on the clock 24/7. I at least want to be able to work in this world with a little bit of time to take a nap.

The movie is definitely worth the ‘Time’ for any time of day.

Pros: “It’s a good time”; cool plot; cool jackets, many interesting quotes

Cons: Acting wasn’t the best in the world; wouldn’t mind it was a little more futuristic

Hmm: Impressed the lead girl could run in high heels and a dress the whole time.