Protomen, Peelander-Z rocks Nashville Halloween night

I was lucky enough to be one of a couple hundred who attended the MC Frontalot, Peelander-Z and Protomen concert this past Monday at Exit/In.

The opening act of the evening, MC Frontalot, got the show going with a unique blend of hip-hop and geek culture. Songs like “Tongue-Clucking Grammarian” and “First World Problem” started crowd jumping on a light note.

I enjoyed Frontalot’s set and I recommend checking out his stuff online, but the real pull for me was the second act of the night: The Protomen.

Having listened to both their albums, “The Protomen” (2005) and “Act II: The Father of Death” (2009), I had high expectations for my first live Protomen experience.

I was not disappointed.

Performing selections from both albums, which together constitute one of the greatest rock operas conceived, they had the crowd from band member K.I.L.R.O.Y.’s opening speech. The preceding set was something I can’t really describe as a concert as it was much more of a religious experience.

They played two covers during the show, Queen’s “Princes of the Universe” and Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone.” Both covers only whipped the crowd into a greater frenzy of pure musical bliss.

After The Protomen finished their set, the final act of the night, Peelander-Z took the stage with one of the most colorful and oddly entertaining performances I have ever witnessed.

Labeled as a Japanese-comic-punk band, they fit all the preceding descriptors. Engaging the crowd in first-class showmanship, Peelander-Z absolutely rocked the evening with tunes such as “Mad Tiger” and “Taco Taco Tacos.”

Do yourself a favor, find some videos of them performing. I never heard of them previously and I have to say, I am hooked.

Make sure to check the tour listings for all the acts and make sure you see them live as soon as possible.

You won’t regret it.