‘Walking Dead’ stays fresh in second season

The second season of AMC’s version of “The Walking Dead” started three weeks ago and, so far, the show continues the same quality as the first season.

Following the destruction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, the group finds themselves stuck on the road due to a plethora of abandoned cars. Shortly after arriving at the scene, a ‘herd’ of zombies pass through the area, forcing the group to hide in order to survive.

After three episodes of the 13 episode second season, I am really impressed with how the show has developed. Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont did not miss a step with keeping the same overwhelming sense of unbearable nerves.

Shane continues in season two as a focal point for the plot and I love it. He’s the one character from the books I wanted to learn more about and in the show; he exemplifies the main theme of the series: who are really the walking dead?

With new episodes debuting at 8 p.m. local time on AMC, “The Walking Dead” continues the same high marks from the first season. It’s a bit bloody and scary at times, but it’s one of the best shows on television right now.