Microsoft releases updated Halo

Believe it or not it’s been 10 years since Micro Game Studios released Halo: Combat Evolved. The genre of shooter adventures and console games have been shaped by this ever since.

Last week, Halo: Combat Evolved 10th Anniversary edition came out for Xbox 360. At first I was a little hesitant to commit, but after discovering my original copy of Halo is now obsolete on the Xbox 360; I conformed… Curse you updates!

The first difference you can see in the game is the graphics updates.  High definition was added to Halo by 343 Industries, making this vintage game comparable to the graphics of today.  Also, people who own 3-D televisions can utilize this feature in gameplay. Traditionalists, never fear! The game has classic view, which is nice when I want to be reminded how the game originally looked.

Starting from the beginning of the game, you see the graphics were pushed to their heights while staying true to the game’s original form.  Captain Keyes’ makeover left me speechless. I had mixed feelings between this remodel and the face I remember from the hundreds of times I had played it before, but not bad.  Not only has Keyes changed, but all the other characters in the game from Cortana to the marines and the crew. Sergeant Johnson’s mustache even looks thicker.

One thing I remember wishing for with Halo was online co-op over Xbox Live and, with the anniversary edition, those dreams came true.  I’m glad the game developers didn’t go overboard making it a four-player co-op just because it keeps the game true to the original form and the library just wouldn’t be as scary.  

Multiplayer is run through the Halo Reach engine which means maps from the original game along with a couple from the PC favorites of mine (Timberland) will be included. It will also have jetpacks and other power-ups.  The maps have also been revamped and extra scenery has been added  for your gaming pleasure.  Matchmaking, firefight and custom games are included along with theater and the forge.

The game is out now for $40 instead of the usual $60+ and is a must-have for fans of the series. The re-release of Halo: Combat Evolved is for video gamers like the Harry Potter franchise is for muggles.  We love all of it, from the games, novels, comics and everything in between.  This is definitely recommended for fans and those looking for an all-around great game to play.

Pro: The magnum is back!

Cons: Haven’t found them all yet, but if the glitches haven’t been fixed that’ll be a big con.

Hmm:  Still makes me want to install the PC game back on my computer; more maps.