Leggings do not count as pants

Ladies, we need to talk about the leggings situation on this campus.

I know you love your leggings. I’m just as addicted as the rest of you.

They’re much more comfortable than skinny jeans and much more stylish than sweatpants.

But our addiction is getting out of hand.

You know how we look back at clothing styles and cringe? I know I’m not alone in regretting most of my nineties adolescent fashion choices.

Remember the foam platform flip flops? I figured that if the Spice Girls wore them, they had to be cool. The same went for bedazzled scrunchies and brightly colored track pants.

I firmly believe that the leggings as pants trend is going to be the ‘acid wash mom-jeans’ of our generation.

It’s one of those trends that crept up on us. No one is really sure how leggings became such a big thing. All we girls know is that we need them, just like we all need colorful rainboots and something that’s mustard yellow.

Of all the fashion trends on campus the leggings as pants look is by far the strangest.

Can we all agree to stop pretending that this is a good look?

At my brother’s graduation ceremony two years ago, a girl showed up in a blouse and golden metallic leggings. It looked like someone had spray-painted the bottom half of her body gold. Let me assure you that it was not a good look.

Wearing leggings as pants at a graduation is bad enough. But wearing shiny gold leggings as pants is taking it to a whole new level.

Unless your name is Lady Gaga, back away from the shiny spandex.

I know that it’s ridiculously comfy. Walking around all day in nothing but your underwear would probably be really comfy too, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Leggings aren’t as thick as you think they are. Seriously, we can see everything.

I’m talking every dimple and every undergarment (or lack thereof).

Really you might as well be walking around in sheer panty hose.

Just throw a skirt on over them. It doesn’t even have to be a long skirt. All I ask is that it’s long enough to cover the same amount of skin as a pair of 80s gym shorts.

I promise you’ll still be just as comfortable.

Jeggings, those strange hybrids of jeans and leggings, are a grey area.

A good basic rule of thumb for jeggings is if they’re as thin as regular leggings, then they don’t count as pants. So if you buy them off the same rack or shelf where tights are on display, then they’re definitely not pants.

You shouldn’t be able to tell that jeggings aren’t normal jeans.

They should be just as thick as your go-to skinny jeans. Only then do they qualify as pants.

I believe that if we all work together we can end this horrible trend. Leggings as pants can soon be nothing but an unpleasant memory.

That and something future generations will mock us for.