Movies On My Mind: Hugo

“Hugo” is the work of director Martin Scorsese in his first 3-D movie experience. The film is based after the novel, “The Invention of Hugo Cabret.” The film takes place in a Paris train station where Hugo, under the guise of his drunkard uncle, keeps the clocks at the station working.

Young Hugo lives in the station not as a thief, but more along the lines of a borrower. Take only what you need and maybe some spare parts to keep the station running on time. Honestly, without Hugo, people would be late for their trains, but the Chief Inspector and his dog are always on the prowl for orphans about the station like Hugo.

One day Hugo tried taking some parts from a shopkeeper named George, but discovered it was merely a trick to catch Hugo in the act. George confiscates Hugo’s pockets and takes his precious journal that was given to him by his father to fix this broken-down robot.

Originally, the robot was salvaged by Hugo’s father before his death in the museum fire. Now his only hope is fixing this robot to see if it holds a secret message from his father.

Enlisting the help of shopkeeper George’s granddaughter, the two have their own sort of adventure that leads them to a discovery beyond their wildest dreams.

The movie is rated PG for smoking, mild action scenes and peril. Although if you’re interested, the movie is not showing at the Cookeville Carmike, but will likely be there in the coming weeks.

Pros: If you’re fans of original film, this movie is for you. You get history and an adventure with a dash of mystery involved in the movie.

Cons: Your better off if you can see the movie in 2-D. Most exciting adventure scenes were probably in the movie trailer. Might be above the heads of younger audience members

Hmm: Why must every movie with snow in it make me feel so cold?