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Residential hall to undergo renovations in 2013

Tech anticipates closing half of residential hall M.S. Cooper/Pinkerton during the 2013 spring semester to begin a $3 million renovation project.

According to Charles Macke, director of residential life, it will be a major renovation, complete with new air conditioning and heating units, doors, plumbing, bathroom units, vinyl plank flooring and furniture identical to that found in New Hall North.

“We’re trying to get away from the old institutional look of the building,” Macke said.

The renovation plans also involve upgrading the lobby space and building rooms for the new global learning village that will be headquartered in the residential hall starting in the 2012 fall semester, according to Macke.

“Our goal will be to close down one half of the building in January, and in May do the other half of the building so it’s all done by the first of August,” Macke said. “It is kind of an unconventional way we’re doing it, but it’s based on trying to find space for everybody.”

Macke said that by closing only one half of the hall at a time, accommodating students will be easier for Tech.

Tech met with contractors in November to discuss the possibility of closing one half of the building for construction while leaving the other half’s utilities, such as heat and water, fully functional, but an official decision has not been made, according to Macke.

He also said that the renovation is certain. However, the time frame has yet to be confirmed.