Engineers Without Borders to construct a wheelchair ramp for injured Cookeville man

A group of engineers are expanding beyond Tech’s campus to help others.

Members of Engineers Without Borders, a student organization that formed last semester, are building a wheelchair ramp tomorrow for someone in need.

“It’s for a young man who lives north of Cookeville with his father,” Robert Griffin, Engineers Without Borders president, said. “He was in a motorcycle accident and is paralyzed now. It’s mainly so he can go outside without relying on someone else to help him.”

“He currently has a removable ramp, but someone has to help him put it there,” Griffin said. “In order to get actual freedom, there needs to be a permanent system in place.”

Lenly Weathers, faculty adviser for Engineers Without Borders, received a grant in order to build these ramps for community members.

Griffin said that most of the materials needed to build the ramp are being provided.

The group is expecting to build a second wheelchair ramp this semester, but the plans have not been finalized.

Engineers Without Borders also does other volunteer work within the Cookeville community. This year, the group has helped out with two Habitat for Humanity builds, Boy Scouts of America’s Merit Badge College and local churches’ food pantries.

Engineers Without Borders also participates in FAB Fridays and Safari Saturdays at the STEM Center.

“We work with children doing different science experiments to get them more interested in STEM programs,” Griffin said.

Elections for next year’s Engineers Without Borders officer positions will be held in April. For more information, contact the group at