EXPW proposes youth sports center

Tech’s Department of Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness is wanting to open a center for kids of all ages in youth sports to learn and thrive in life as a person and a player.

The department has proposed to create a Center for Positive Youth Sports.

This center will be a platform of academic research and instruction, where solutions for positive youth development will be researched, presented and implemented.

“We want to incorporate knowledge and leadership in both the practitioners and participators in youth sports,” Michael Phillips, assistant EXPW professor, said. “Winning is not what we want to teach, we want to teach our youth skills and how to incorporate those skills in life and as a person.”

The proposition for the CPYS has passed through the College of Education and has been approved by President Bob Bell.

The proposal was submitted to the Tennessee Board of Regents for review and is awaiting approval.

The center will be on campus and operated in conjunction with the EXPW department, and is being developed to bring a new aspect for youth sports in the Putnam County community.

For more information, visit Tech’s Department of Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness’ website at