Fee increases come one step closer to approval

The Tennessee Board of Regents’ Business and Finance Committee passed several of Tech’s fee increase requests.

During the telephone meeting, held on Monday, the business and finance committee passed Tech fee increase requests, including a raise in mandatory fees and non-mandatory fees.

The committee unanimously passed the mandatory fee requests from all universities, in one package.

The Tech mandatory fee requests that passed the committee are a $25 athletics fee and a $10 student recreation fee increase.

The specialized academic fee requests, based on student majors, also passed.

Among some of the specialized academic fee increases Tech requested are a $10 per-credit-hour increase for engineering majors, a $5 per-credit-hour increase for nursing majors and a $25 per-credit-hour increase for education majors.

“I don’t like the idea of paying more and more every year,” Josh Roberts, Tech engineering graduate student, said. “Since entering grad school, I’ve started to accumulate some debt. You got to do what you got to do, though.”

The requests was presented to the full board, which discussed the fees on March 29.

If all of the fee requests are approved by the TBR, all Tech students will see increased fall mandatory and non-mandatory fees.

For more information about tuition and fees, visit tntech.edu/bursar