Fashion Forward: Revive your dull wardrobe with five simple steps

Looking for something new in your wardrobe this spring? Follow these five style lessons, and you’ll get it right every time.

 Everyone knows what it’s like to look in your closet and find nothing to wear. The same pullover sweater, paired with bright colored skinnies, just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

When this slump occurs, step back, breathe and know that you don’t have to empty your closet to dress cute. There are five simple tips that, if followed, will polish and transform your look instantly.


1. Find a sense of balance

Finding a balance between loose and fitted clothing is important. If you have two loose items, you could look frumpy, but if you have two fitted items, you might just look like a streetwalker-it’s hard to say.

Another important reminder for balance is to never let too much skin show. If you’re showing off up top, cover-up on the bottom, and vice versa.

2. Try new, daring trends one at a time

Do you love the jellies that popular brands like Steve Maden are bringing back, but you also love the head-to-toe floral romper from Rag & Bone? That’s great, but don’t wear them together.

Take the time to give each trend its heyday and don’t run them all into each other-it could be a train wreck.


3. Know that Simple is Safer

You’re always better off going for something simple, like a little dress paired with cute heels. This doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in your old wardrobe. This simply means to know the power of taking something off.


A good rule of thumb many popular designers go by is: after you get completely ready to walk out the door, take one item off.


4. Learn to Polish the summer pool/beach day look-

There is a way to have a look that can both go to the pool or beach, and still be presentable in any of your local restaurants.

Try pairing your look with jewelry, and not-undone hair.


5. When your wardrobe just isn’t cutting it, play with makeup and hair

One of the key accessories to every wardrobe is your head. From trying new hair styles to wearing daring red lipstick, any new addition to the same old look can change things up.