Finals, end of semester stresses prompt influx of students at Health Services

With finals just around the corner, Tech Health Services has seen an increase in students suffering from stress and lack of sleep.

“At the end of semester, we always have people that have waited to the end of the semester to say they’re drowning, meaning failing their classes and stressing out,” Scott Bilbrey, Health Services men’s health coordinator and registered nurse, said. “By that time, you’ve waited too long and the health service refers those people to the Counseling Center.”

Health Services has no way to treat stress created by procrastination, so they ask students to come in earlier if they need help. If a student is having troubling sleeping, he or she can get a medical evaluation to determine any medical issues that could be causing the problem.

“We are connected with counseling center through Student Affairs because we are a student service,” Bilbrey said. “What they [Counseling Center] stress is ‘don’t wait until finals to get help.’ They’ll still try to help, but it’s really difficult at the end.”

There are now three weeks left until finals and the biggest tip from the Counseling Center is to better time management.

Cynthia Bryant, Counseling Center assistant director, suggests listing each class and work on what is needed to finish the semester.

“Make a plan and do what you can,” Bryant said. “Study now and divide up your time and don’t wait until the night before finals to study. Take advantage of any study sessions, online resources. Contact professors about any questions. I have lots of materials regarding studying, preparing for finals.”

The Counseling Center can discuss ideas to help with sleep, including relaxation techniques, good nutrition and preparation for bed. The center recommends that students come in when they begin to have trouble dealing with schoolwork, instead of waiting.