M.S. Cooper, Pinkerton residents to be temporarily relocated for mid-year renovations

Tech plans to relocate fall 2012 students living in M.S. Cooper and Pinkerton halls at the end of the semester in preparation for spring 2013 renovations.

Upgrades are planned for the plumbing, floors, rooms and the overall design of the halls.

“We have more space in the spring than we do in the fall and we will plug those students in as best we can,” Andrew Moneymaker, Capital Quad and Crawford Hall area coordinator, said. “Right now it’s really early to determine what is going to happen. A lot of it depends on our reapplication process now-how many returning students apply and how many incoming freshmen apply.

“We will get a better idea this summer, when we make assignments for the fall, to know if we will be full again or if we will have space.”

Students moved from M.S. Cooper and Pinkerton will be first placed into all the empty spots on Tech’s campus, before being moved into hotels. If students are in hotels, staff will be on site, along with the shuttle system for students to get back and forth from campus.

“One year we had space come available on campus and it was hard getting students to want to leave the hotels and come back on campus,” Moneymaker said. “It is an adjustment, but if we are in the hotel, we will take care of them. If we aren’t, that’s even better.”

M.S. Cooper is the international residence hall and the home of the Residential Life Office. Pinkerton is a co-ed residence hall. After the renovations, the halls will become the Global Village and continue to house the Residential Life Office.

“The renovations are a good thing,” Moneymaker said. “When that building opens back up it is going to be one of the nicest buildings on campus, outside of New Hall North and South. It’s going to be a nice place to live.”

Renovations to M.S. Cooper and Pinkerton are planned for completion in fall 2013.