Tech installs new stop signs, hopes to improve pedestrian safety on Peachtree Avenue

Tech has added two more stop signs on Peachtree Ave. to control traffic and make this road safer

These two stop signs went up April 9.  It turned this two-way stop into a four-way.

According to Jack Butler, associate vice president of Facilities and Business services, the intersection was discussed at their last Building and Grounds committee meeting.

“It was brought up as a safety item that the large commuter lot is just across the street and ResLife also had parking on the commuter lot side of the street,” Butler said, via email.  “It is an extremely busy intersection for pedestrians and vehicles turning at 8th street off of Peachtree.”

Campus Police are monitoring this intersection with the Patrol Officers.

University police officer Claude Looper said that it is great these signs were added.  But not everyone has noticed the signs right away.

“The first night I came back to work they had just put the signs up,” Claude Looper said.  “I was thinking about something else while driving 10 mph, like normal, and there were a couple of students in another car in the other lane watching me drive right through it.”

Looper said one area that needs to change is University Drive, which links Willow Avenue to the RUC.

“A lot of people misinterpret this as a two-lane road and it’s not,” Looper said.

One alternative to the road is to move the sidewalk back and make angle parking all the way around the park.

“Naturally if will slow people down and create more parking,” said Looper.  “With the way the road is now it’s an accident waiting to happen.   People try to pass on that street and if you’re riding against the median, someone cuts over on you, and you’re in trouble.

“It either needs to be made into a two-lane road or make parking spaces available.  If you had parking all the way around Sherlock Park, even on the 10th street side, it will alleviate a lot of the parking problems plus it will slow people down.”

At the time facilities does not have any other areas that are to be fixed.