Ellington/Warf residents frustrated with intrusive construction workers

With the new Arts and Media Village completion about a month away, students living in the Ellington/Warf residence halls are aggravated with construction workers.
“They are really loud, and sometimes they smoke,” freshman Alex Wilson said.  “I live on the fourth floor and can’t open my window anymore because of the smoke coming up into our room.”
Construction has been underway on the bottom floor of Warf since the end of July to put in a classroom and office for the Arts Village.  
“We haven’t had a lot of complaints,” Andrew Moneymaker, area coordinator for Capital Quad and Crawford Hall, said. “We did have some people throw up concerns around Great Move-In Day because students would be seeing the construction while moving in.”
Moneymaker said Residential Life had stopped construction on Great Move-In Day, but construction is again underway because of a strenuous timeline for completion of the project.
“The biggest thing is they cannot start construction or working before 7 o’clock in the morning, and that’s kind of to help the students out,” Moneymaker said.
Freshman Corene Ledgerwood said, “I’m on the second floor, and they are literally right below me. They wake me and my roommate up many times during the day, even during quiet hours.”