Facebook page pokes fun at campus problems, gains popularity with students

The TTU Memes Facebook page gained popularity quickly and is a way for students to bond over similar problems in a humorous way.
Memes are forms of media, such as pictures or videos, which often express Internet phenomena.
The TTU Memes page creators and operators decided to create the Facebook page to see what reaction students would have.
“We noticed UT had started a meme page, and we wanted to see how enthusiastic Tech students would get if they had one,” Eric Moon, sophomore and co-creator, said. “We would always walk around campus and notice quirky things about campus that would make good memes.”
The memes page quickly became popular and continued to grow steadily after the page was created.
“We had 500 ‘likes’ the day after creating the page,” Shawn Steffey, sophomore and co-creator, said. “We have about the same amount of people liking our page as the UT page has if you look at it in terms of how many people go here compared to how many go to UT.”
Matt Donovan, sophomore and co-creator, said the page also gives new and current students an idea of what to expect on campus.
“Students form expectations when they see the page,” Donovan said. “They know when they see a meme that not just one person feels that way. If they see something on there that they’ve felt before, then they know that they’re not the only ones that feel that way. “
Freshman Victoria Dewar knew about the memes page before coming to Tech. She said it gave her an idea of what to expect with situations that Tech’s official Facebook page may not cover.
“The Tech Facebook page doesn’t really talk about the more minor things on campus,” Dewar said. “I wanted to know what the students thought and not just what Tech wanted me to see.”
Rules were set to ensure that the student-submitted memes were not being made at the expense of others.
“It says on the page that memes can’t make fun of faculty, staff or students,” Moon said. “If we see a meme has been posted that is making fun of someone, then we take it down immediately. We’re trying to be funny, not mean.”
The TTU Memes page can be found at www.facebook.com/TNTechMemes.