Tech students expand recycling program across campus

Tech is implementing its first campus-wide cohesive recycling program.
The first buildings with plastic and aluminum recycling bins are Derryberry Hall and the RUC.
Lydia Brown, senior and administrator of the recycling program, said there would be recycling bins in the Library and the Engineering Quad by the end of the week, if not sooner.
“Before this semester ends, I would like to hit all the academic buildings, the Fit and the major administrative buildings with recycling bins,” Brown said.
Students pay a sustainability, or green, fee included in tuition to support the recycling program on campus.
“The green fee is in the range of $8 to $10 for each student per semester,” Brown said. This fee allows Brown to pioneer the mission for the recycling bins and general maintenance.
The recycling subcommittee proposed hiring student workers to engineer and implement a recycling plan.  
“I was hired to administrate the recycling plan because facility felt strongly that since students are the only ones on campus paying for the program, a student should be hired for the job,” Brown said. She has a team of 10 student workers who help implement the recycling plan.