Music Review of the Week: “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

The latest single from Taylor Swift is unsurprisingly about another boy and the relationship troubles between the two.
You may have heard it making its rounds on the radio or sought it out because her catchy country-pop hits are just your type of guilty pleasure.
The song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is much more poppy and upbeat than some of her other singles. This song chronicles the classic break up/make up relationship Swift is so over, for real this time.
She narrates throughout the song that, “I mean, this is exhausting, you know?” and make jokes about her ex-boyfriend’s indie records in the cute verses about her failed relationship.
The lyrics certainly aren’t well written or deep by any means, but the song is lighthearted and fun enough to serve its purpose as a late summer Top 40 hit.
Currently the No. 2 single on iTunes with her other single “Ronan” at No. 1, Swift seems to be doing pretty well. While some absolutely love the new song and will shamelessly blast it in their cars, others would rather never hear it again.
Regardless of which category you fall into, if you listen to “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” it will never, ever stop getting stuck in your head.