107 residents to be displaced

Students living in MS Cooper and Pinkerton Halls will be relocated at the end of the semester because of renovations.
“The plan is students will move out in December, and renovations will start in January,” Andrew Moneymaker, area coordinator for Capital Quad and Crawford Hall, said. “We have a deadline and have to be open by August.”
Around 170 students live in MS Cooper and Pinkerton now.
In between the fall and spring semesters, Tech loses around 200 students that live in the residence halls because of graduating, transferring or dropping out.
Residential Life’s plan is to plug students from MS Cooper and Pinkerton into open rooms in other dorms at the end of this semester.
“I think just about everybody that moved in this semester knew about it, so they kind of knew what they were getting into, and most of the people who were upset already left,” senior Zachery Medina said.
Moneymaker said Residential Life told everyone living in the halls during room renewal last spring that MS Cooper and Pinkerton would be closing in January. This stopped some students from moving back in this semester.
Along with warning former students, incoming students were informed on the housing application that the halls would only be open for one semester.
“I don’t really have a problem with it,” freshman Samantha Harding said. “I’m up for whatever but they haven’t told us yet where we will be going. I think they’re still trying to figure that out.”
MS Cooper and Pinkerton Halls are home to many of Tech’s international students. The halls were slated to become part of the academic learning village this semester. MS Cooper and Pinkerton were to be known as the Global Village and foster a “stimulating international community.” The village is still in planning and has not been opened.
MS Cooper and Pinkerton Halls were built in 1969.