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Bill proposes to include minors on diplomas

Minors and most concentrations are excluded from being printed on students’ diplomas and transcripts.
Most students, according to James Leverette, SGA graduate student representative, would like their minor to be printed on their diploma for recognition from the graduation department for being more knowledgeable in a concentrated area.
Leverette said students can be discouraged to pursue a minor because there is no recognition.
“I got a minor in mathematics because you take so many math classes as an engineer,” Leverette said. “I didn’t get any recognition on a university level, but the math department printed a certificate, which they didn’t have to do. Math majors, like my roommate, are required to declare a minor, yet his minor is not recognized on his diploma.”
Denise Burgess, graduation office supervisor, said students are required to complete 15 hours in a concentration with six hours of upper division classes in order to get a minor.  
She said when students look for a job, they can put their minor on their resume.
“The student can give the employer a copy of their transcript, which will prove they have a minor or a concentration in a specific area when they look at their hours,” Burgess said.
Burgess said there is no record kept of students’ minors.
If the records department starts keeping up with minors, it will have to update or change the current system.
Burgess did not know how much this would cost but said it would probably be costly.
Leverette’s proposed a bill to add minors on diplomas passed the SGA senate and will next go to the executive council and faculty advisers.