Monday night TV packs plenty of laughs, sex, drama

Fall television has returned!
Monday night was the first for networks to premiere new episodes of their biggest hits and newest shows.
Let’s start with CBS. The eighth season of “How I Met Your Mother” premiered to answer questions left in last season’s shocking finale. Were Robin and Barney really getting married? It turns out a lot of things happened between the wedding day and when Barney was newly engaged to Quinn.
The episode opens with Ted sitting on a bench in his tux at a train station. The woman next to him asks if the wedding was beautiful, and after some hesitation Ted begins to tell her what happened.
Some, but not all, answers were resolved in this episode. The rest will be answered throughout the season, as it will be a season of flashbacks of what happened leading up to Barney and Robin’s wedding day.
The most shocking part of the episode is at the end when a woman carrying a guitar case gets out of a taxi and stands feet away from the bench where Ted is sitting. It’s her! Finally, we see a glimpse of who the “Mother” is. We do not get to see her face, but we know it is her. We are one step closer to having the big question answered.
“How I Met Your Mother” is a great mix of comedy and drama. This show is great, the cast is superb and it continues to show its excellence in writing.
The second season of “2 Broke Girls” premiered in the old “Two and a Half Men” timeslot. This was my favorite new comedy from last year. Monday’s premiere showed me again why it was my favorite. It is Monday night’s funniest show and one of the top five funniest shows on TV right now. The chemistry among the cast is so good and refreshing to see.
This show is probably not for everyone because it is very raunchy and dirty. With that being said, that is why I love it!
The writing is strong, and the jokes are hilarious. I love how the jokes push the limit and go there because it makes this show that much more enjoyable.
“2 Broke Girls” is sassy, dirty and funny as hell. If you’re looking for a cackle, tune in because the laughs start early and don’t end.
Next up, let’s see what’s happening on ABC. The 15th season of “Dancing with the Stars” kicked off Monday with its first ever all-star season. This season features some of its best competitors. Various celebrities include Shawn Johnson, Joey Fatone, Emmitt Smith, Gilles Marini, Bristol Palin, Pamela Anderson, Drew Lachey and Kirstie Alley.
The contestants come out swinging, shaking and gyrating! I have a few favorites from watching, and they seem to be the same as in seasons past.     Palin was voted most improved by the judges, and it definitely showed. Sarah Palin’s daughter shook her moneymaker like she was working for big bills at a gentleman’s club.
Smith came out with the top score of the night and deservingly so. He danced an awesome dance and worked hard for it. His personality is great, and he deserves to make it to the end.
Anderson is not the greatest dancer, at all, but home girl still looks good in that Baywatch outfit, so just for that she gets my vote.
Finally, Alley, breakout star and runner-up from season 12, is back to try to win that mirror ball trophy. Her first dance was not her best, but she will be fine. She is probably my favorite, but I’m a little biased.
Her roles as Rebecca Howe on “Cheers,” Mollie Ubriacco in the “Look Who’s Talking” film series and Dr. Katherine Lewis in “Toothless” will always make her a winner in my eyes.
This season of “Dancing with the Stars” is sure to be exciting in its most competitive and drama-filled season to date.
The fifth season of “Castle” premiered Monday with a bang! Literally. The most anticipated hookup on television last year was between characters Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. The anticipation is now a reality. This season opened with some hot lovemaking to go along with an action-packed episode, which finally saw Beckett get to the bottom of her mother’s murder. Not all of her questions were answered, but she did get justice and made a shocking deal.
This is the best crime/detective show on television. It is hot, sexy, funny, drama-filled and action-packed. You won’t find this on “Law and Order” or “Criminal Minds” because these shows are just too dark. “Castle” is the best mix of all those shows, and it has proved to be a hit with audiences in America.