Looper’ closes the loop with as latest sci-fi thriller

“Looper” is as bizarre as it is intense and does not disappoint when it comes to acting and plot.
“Looper” is a sci-fi action thriller set in 2044, a time before time travel has been invented. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), along with his coworkers, knows time travel will be invented and quickly outlawed in 30 years, and this invention is crucial to their job.
Joe is a looper. Loopers are contracted killers hired to kill targets set by the mob 30 years in the future. These targets are sent to the past, and loopers are paid in silver to shoot them and dispose of the bodies. Loopers live the high life until their loops are closed, which is when their future self is sent to the past to be killed by their younger self. Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) is sent to the past, but he fights back and runs away before Joe can kill him. Joe’s hunt for his future self sends him on a chase that turns into something much bigger.
“Looper” has an intricate plot that sets the film aside from more recent sci-fi fims. There are unique twists that offer a breath of fresh air to the genre.

The plot is unpredictable and engrossing, and the pace is so rapid that there is no time for a calm moment. The story is solidly constructed with few questions left unanswered.   The plot is one that needs close attention paid to it, and this is one of the few negatives about the film. There is a plethora of minor details that contribute to bigger aspects of the plot, and these minor details are crucial to certain points of the plot. The film can become confusing and hard to catch up with if any of these details are missed.
“Looper” is full of Hollywood stars such as Levitt, Willis, Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels. Levitt and Willis work together with a great chemistry that helps them portray the role of being the same person. Blunt and Daniels have solid performances as supporting actors, but one of the top performances of the film comes from the youngest actor. Pierce Gagnon plays Cid, Blunt’s toddler son, and his performance is so impressive it is hard to believe it is coming from someone so young.
“Looper” is a movie that may render a second watch necessary, but that second watch will be just as awesome as the first.