Political science adds two new programs of study to curriculum

Tech’s office of political science has added two new interdisciplinary studies programs to its curriculum this fall.
Students now have the option to take courses on international relations and comparative government, as well as a legal studies concentration for students focusing on pre-law.  

“These new concentrations are open to any major, not just to students of political science,” Lori Maxwell, political science professor and pre-law adviser, said. “The IRCG concentration can be taken by students who want to go into graduate studies in international relations or students who want to work abroad with organizations such as the International Red Cross.”
The international relations discipline is a branch of political science that has become increasingly important since it originated in the early 1900s.  
International diplomacy, government agencies, foreign services and international business are some of the career fields students of international relations work in upon graduation.
The legal studies concentration is focused on increasing the placement of students into law school.  The political science department reported placing 11 of 16 pre-law students into law school last semester.