‘Dance Moms’ put the ‘cray’ in crazy on lifetime

The third season of Lifetime’s hit reality series “Dance Moms” is back and crazier than ever.
Abby Lee Miller and her dance team are proving again that people will watch anything. This show is a hot mess and the mothers must make a nice paycheck to keep coming back for more. Leading into this season, I was unsure if I could handle any more of this mostly scripted drama. Once I saw the commercial for the new season, with its knockoff off of the 80s film ‘”Flashdance” and the song “Maniac”, I could not say no.
Yes, the “Maniac” is back, but surrounding her is plenty of crazy and delusional. Four weeks into it and already I am drawing the same conclusions as last season. This show is probably about forty percent real life and sixty percent lies and nonsense.
During season’s one and two, I was vehemently on the mother’s side and thought Abby was too harsh. Well it’s been forty-six episodes later and nothing is new. Dance is like sports; the coach cannot constantly praise their student. Where would that get them? Signing their name as Goofy at Disney world? These mothers would complain if they were going to be hung with a new rope. It is constantly something new they are complaining about and I’m over it. Quite frankly, these mothers need to leave if this is all they can do.
Christy, who in seasons past had been my favorite and still kind of is, can never seem to have a positive moment or comment any more. Maybe it’s the editing or maybe she’s just wanting out of her contract. Either way it’s time for her to put up or shut up. Her fan favorite personality is slowly draining out of her and the ugly, miserable evil twin is taking over.
Kelly acts and sounds as dumb as ever. Jill has had more plastic surgery done and her hair makes her look like a damn cockatoo. Melissa is trying harder not to be such a snitch and phony person, but she’s failing at it. Holly is too nice, too educated, and too sophisticated to be on this show. This new season features new moms trying to weasel their way onto the show, but it’s not happening.
The show becomes more entertaining when Cathy is on. She is television gold. She is crazy, outlandish, and full of spunk. She’s not afraid to mix it up with Abby and the moms. Cathy and her dancers are always looking for a good fight. Abby is a very stern and commanding woman. I get that people think she is mean and unfair and cruel. She is that, sometimes it’s like Godzilla attacking the city, but that is only at times. She is like any coach or teacher who tries to get the very best from his or her student. She does push the limit too far sometimes and is flat out cruel and turns into an evil dance teacher from hell. Generally it’s only because she’s trying to help these kids have a stronger backbone. She is preparing them for a future in show business, which is going to be full of worse things than Abby Lee Miller.
Dance Moms is packed full of great dancing, half scripted drama, and crazy women fighting. I would say I am done watching, but everybody knows I cannot look away from a good cat fight.
Dance Moms airs Tuesday nights at 9/10c on Lifetime.