‘Movie 43’ filled of famous actors, very few laughs at all

‘Movie 43’ has a plethora of famous faces and raunchy jokes, but it is not enough to save it from being just plain bad.
‘Movie 43’ is made up of short films that come from the desperate mind of a producer (Dennis Quaid) that is way past his prime.  
Each short is directed by different directors and all showcase a star studded cast with actors like Emma Stone, Gerard Butler, Johnny Knoxville and Kate Winslet.
With the fresh idea and huge cast, ‘Movie 43’ seems too good to be true and that’s because it is. The film relies heavily on lewd jokes and cheap laughs that are almost too uncomfortable to watch.
Moments that do not involve some type of distasteful or offensive joke are basically nonexistent, and there are only a couple shorts that are based on a funny idea and even those shorts are not even halfway amusing.
Even the impressive cast could not save ‘Movie 43’ from being what could be the worst movie ever made. It is as if the actors were trying to perform at a subpar level, which is probably true.
The ravishing Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin lack any type of chemistry, and this tends to be a reoccurring theme throughout the movie.
The overall idea for the film has potential, but it seems as if not a single person involved puts any effort into molding it into the tolerable film it could have been.Transitions between shorts are thrown together and just as lackluster as the rest of the film. ‘Movie 43’ makes the future of comedy films look bleak with its lack of taste and its tendency to be offensive.
‘Movie 43’ is rated R for crude and sexual content including dialogue,graphic nudity, language, some violence and drug use.