Remembering Sandy Hook: Lack of God in schools leaves families, communities suffering

The Sandy Hook shootings were a terrible crime against innocence, peace of mind and stability. The problem isn’t where was God or that law-abiding citizens own military grade assault rifles, the problem is we took God out of the schools and that criminals, who started out sane, were driven to something dreadful and happened to somehow get a hold of military grade assault rifles.  

President Barack Obama said that our first task is to protect our children. “This is how we will be judged. And their voices should compel us to change,” said Obama.
In a country where others don’t like people judging then, why does it matter? It only matters if they actually believe in the one true and living God. And if they don’t, they tell people to not be so judgmental.
It has also been brought to light that the shooter didn’t even use an assault rifle.
“Authorities now know the gunman used “an assault weapon” to “literally (shoot) an entrance into the building,” Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said according to CNN.com Interactive. So now the president wants to take away the ability for Americans to “bear arms.”
Another thing to consider is that the parents across the nation want to keep their guns.  The National Riffle Association wants to put armed guards in our school. “More guns, not fewer, provide true security,” the NRA stated in the wake of the mass shooting.
School systems want to put resource officers in every school. How about putting God back in schools? When he was taken out completely, more innocent people started dying than ever before.  Not just in the schools, but in the courts, in government, and in this nation.
We are a spoiled country, who blames God for every wrong that happens to us. When in reality it is the choice of a few who affect the majority. We have let our wealth and power numb us to the reality that it was God who gave us the bounty that we have and we, powerless finite humans, in our pride have taken all the credit.
It is truly time for Americans to stand up and give God the right to come back into our lives, in our schools, and most especially in our government, not to control, but influence.  We should do this to honor those we lost in Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Kent State and University of Texas. We must begin to pray for safety, pray for our children and pray for our nation. Pray for the families who have lost loved ones because we kicked God out of our schools.