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Semester starts with multiple marijuana busts

Three students, including one associated with the Tech men’s basketball team, were reported to Tech police for alleged narcotics violations in New Hall South residence hall during the first week of classes.   

According to the police report, a student in the dorm called Tech police Jan. 17 at 7:05 p.m. to complain of a strong odor believed to be marijuana coming from a nearby room. The student was ultimately referred to the dean of students and men’s basketball coach.
According to the report, Christopher Russell, tech police officer, arrived at the room where he too noticed the strong scent of marijuana.
Russell knocked twice on the door, but there was no answer. When he asked if anyone was in the room, a voice inside the room replied that there was, the report said.
After opening the door, Russell questioned him. The student said that he lived in the room, had been smoking marijuana alone, and he had smoked it all, according to the report.
Russell was granted a search of the room and was unable to find any more marijuana. He also noted in the report that the student was very cooperative and respectful throughout the investigation.
The first incident was called in by the Residential Life Staff on Jan. 15 at 7:15 p.m. who claimed there was an odor of marijuana coming from a nearby room.
Upon arriving at the room, Tony Nelson, tech police officer, knocked and asked the room’s resident if he could enter the room. The student agreed to let Nelson inside, and Nelson immediately noticed the smell of marijuana.
The student told Nelson that he had been smoking marijuana with his roommate, to whom the narcotics belonged. The roommate was in the shower when Nelson arrived.After the roommate came out of the shower, he told Nelson the marijuana was his and there was none left. Nelson’s search confirmed that there was no more marijuana in the room.
Nelson informed the two that a report of the incident would have to be filed and forwarded to Edwin Boucher, dean of students.
None of the students’ names were released by police, and Boucher refused to comment on the pending punishment of the three students.