Committee purchases solar powered stations

Tech’s Sustainable Campus Committee and the Energy Conservation Group coordinated the purchase of six Solar Power-Doks charging stations to place in common areas on campus for the spring semester as part of the Green Initiative.
Solar Power-Doks are self-contained power charging stations that give students the option to charge technology while using true off-the-grid green power. The stations are constructed from poly-recycled plastic materials with easy to clean surfaces. The tables come in a variety of colors with the option of school logo locations available on umbrella surfaces.
Solar Power-Doks run on green power collected from three 45 watt and one 100 watt solar panel located on the umbrella. The umbrella has adjustable angular settings, which allows maximum efficiency of the sun’s exposure during different seasons. The panels generate and store surge protected electricity that can be used day or night. Power levels are shown through digital readouts provided by a solar charge controller.
Storage capacity for the table is over 5700 watts contained by two 225 Amp hour deep cycle Gel-Cell batteries. The tables provide four 110 vac 60 hz GFCI outlets for laptops and other common chargers. Also included are two USB Type A outlets that will allow students to charge cellphones and MP3 players while they study or socialize. Lighting for the tables come from two 700 Lumen high intensity low power LED systems operated with a push button on a timer for machine use at night.
When informed about the new Solar Power-Doks, some students were skeptical while others showed enthusiasm for the project.
“They sound neat. But, I think it’ll be more of a novelty though,” Andrew Russell, history major, said. “How much maintenance will these tables require? What if something breaks or wears out?”
“I feel that they’ll be very productive for students, and I can see a lot of people using them,” Noah Medley, middle school education major, said.
Students can expect to see other changes on campus this semester encouraged by the Green Initiative. Changes include: renovations to upgrade lighting in bathrooms and stairwells, and campus-wide touchless faucets in restrooms.
The Sustainable Campus Committee will meet Feb. 6 and March 6 in the Student Affairs room on the second floor of the RUC. These meetings are open for students to attend and voice their opinions. Students are encouraged to become involved with the campus-wide Green Initiative.   

“The variety of projects your money provides is beneficial for the community, budget, and college,” DeLayne Miller, executive officer of sustainable campus committee, said. “We love to hear from students and see what kind of ideas you have that we can implement on campus.”