Out with Xythos, in with SkyDrive

Last semester Tech decided not to renew the license with the Xythos system (U:Drive), causing students to find other ways to save files at the PCLABs.
With the launch of the student email server in 2010, Tech decided not to renew the licenses with Xythos and discontinued the U: Drive file saving software on Dec. 31.
“When the Xythos system was implemented in early 2007, it only allowed student to save 100 megabytes worth of files,” Dennis Hood, systems support manager, assistant director of information technology systems, said. “When we switched over to the live email server, students were given seven gigabytes worth of storage for files.”
ITS sent out an email last semester stating that Xythos has become obsolete and that maintenance costs have continued to rise, so Tech has decided to discontinue the old system.
Tech has been using money from the Technology Access Fee fund to pay the $40,000 license renewal fee each year.
 “This was a good thing when it was first implemented but now it just didn’t seem like a good use of student’s money,” Hood, said.
Students on campus have access to a file hosting service through their student email called Microsoft SkyDrive.
SkyDrive is similar to the U:Drive except it allows students easier access to their files online.
For students who do not want to use up all the space in their live.edu account they can use a free file hosting service website called dropbox.com.
This website is a great tool for students who want to use devices other than a computer to access their files.
Dropbox is a lot like the old U:Drive system in design making it is easy to understand and manage files.
The Dropbox service offers apps for download on phones and tablets so that files can be seen while on the go.
“When Xythos was first implemented, file sharing sites didn’t even exist, and now that they do, it just seems like a waste of money to keep putting into something that is already offered free online,” Hood said.