Soccer team adds a solid class of nine on National Signing Day

The Golden Eagle soccer team added nine new players to its roster for the upcoming season on National Signing Day this Wednesday.
Assistant Coach Corey Boyd was eager to talk about the incoming class. “We expect the new players to come in and bring some life to the program. They are all really excited for the opportunity to play at the next level.”
The team will return 14 players in the fall, and has been working extremely hard in their off season. “We already saw a couple of players really grow towards the end of the season this fall, and we are excited about seeing them develop further,” said Boyd. “With adding such a big incoming class, we hope to see a lot of energy coming into preseason camp.”
Despite the fact the team will be adding nine new faces, the program’s goals continue to remain the same. “Right now our goal is to and come together, to work even harder, and to try and fill in the sports that are now open with the senior class leaving,” said senior defender Leigh Heffner. “We are mainly working on team unity and creating a more positive environment by encouraging one another.”
Junior forward Ellie Iaciofano said, “I think the team will be excited and ready for a new group of girls. It will take some adjusting as always but the main goal is to win the Ohio Valley Conference and to have an open mind set for the fall.”
The team is adding a variety of players, from both in and out of state.  The incoming class will consist of five girls from Tennessee and the remaining from Illinois, Missouri, Maryland, and Ohio.
“As leaders we are going to try and help them feel at home and part of this new family they have joined,” said Heffner. “We are going to organize a lot of team bonding activities so we make the new freshmen feel welcome and comfortable around all of us.”