Oldham to host open discussion

President Phil Oldham will host an open forum for discussion Feb. 19 at 11 a.m. in the Tech Pride Room of the RUC.
The forum is open to students, faculty, staff and members of the community. There is no agenda set for the meeting.
“Something I started this last semester were the open meeting opportunities during dead hour, either in the cafeteria or around campus,” Oldham said.
Last month, Oldham released Flight Plan, his strategic plan for developing Tech. The president plans to continue open forums throughout the semester to address questions, concerns or suggestions about Flight Plan. Oldham hopes these conversations will help the campus understand and adjust to the forthcoming changes.
“There is no agenda to the meeting but these would be good times to bring any concerns or questions forward. I want to hear what everyone else has to say,” Oldham said.
Kayla Blouin, a first-year graduate student, is interested in Oldham’s open forum because of its potential.
“It’s very different to find a president that will sit down and talk about anything students have concerns about,” Blouin said. “I have questions as a graduate student about how Flight Plan will affect me and I will be sure to get those answered Tuesday.”
The scheduled discussion is open to all and is the first of several forums to be held this semester.