Student steals, crashes roomate’s car

A Tech student was reported to Ed Boucher, dean of students, for stealing his roommate’s car and crashing it at Eighth Street and Willow Avenue Feb. 2.
According to Tony Nelson, Tech police officer, the student drove his roommate’s 2013 Volkswagen to class without permission.
The student then drove around Cookeville where he later crashed the stolen car at Eighth Street and Willow Avenue. According to the report, the Cookeville Police Department worked the accident and notified Tech police when they learned the driver was a Tech student.
Donna White, administrative associate for the Tech police, said the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has labeled the incident as a stolen vehicle case.
White also said, “The city may arrest him for stealing a vehicle or for joyriding.”
According to the report, the owner of the vehicle has chosen not to press any charges against his roommate at this time.
Tech police has released no names. There is no word from the Cookeville police regarding the potential arrest of the student.