ITS increases print allowances

Information Technology Services has increased students printing allowance from $25 to $30 per page due to the amount of money that has been saved since the Pharos printing system has been implemented.
This semester, students have an increase in the amount of papers they can print and a decrease in the cost per page to print.
 “In 2010 ITS was supplying 71 cases of paper and 28 toners per month to the labs around campus,” Annette Littrell, director of academic and client technologies, said. “Now there has been a decrease in use for paper and toner and for the fall semester only 38 cases of paper and 13 toners per month were supplied which means consumption has been cut almost in half.”
Last semester students were paying 10 cents per one-sided copy, and 15 cents per double-sided copy but with the new printing allowance, students will pay 8 cents for one sided-copy and 13 cents for double-sided copy.  

“If students take advantage of double-sided printing, they will see a significant increase in the number of sheets they can print,” Littrell said. “Last semester students could print about 330 pages before exceeding the quota, and this semester students should be able to roughly double the amount of pages they can print.”
According to the ITS page on Tech’s website, last semester 750,000 pages were printed by students using the Pharos Printing, and the average amount printed by all students was 86 pages.
Also according to the ITS page, about 259 students had gone over quota and of those 259, half of the students prints were less than 100 pages more.
“It’s good that students have been given more money towards printing,” Tiffany O’Connor, senior, said. “Many teachers post their PowerPoint’s online and with the extra money it makes it easier to be able to print all the notes. It’s good that Tech is saving paper and ink from the Pharos system in hopes that students will be able to gain more money each semester for printing.”