SGA moves to improve communication

Two new bills were presented and voted on at the SGA meeting Feb. 12 including an act to open the entrances of New Hall South and another to inform students about events via text message.
SGA senator, Jordan Meador presented the idea to remove the blocks at the New Hall South entrances.
“The removal of the blocks would mean easier access for student drop off and unloading along with better fire safety,” Meador said.
Students that park in front of the building would have a time limit of one hour. Former President Bell initially blocked the two entrances because students were using the area as parking for extended periods of time.
SGA senator, Nathan Cole proposed the second bill to involve a text message system similar to the current Rave alert system. The new system would inform students of all events taking place every day including athletic events, fraternity and sorority activities, cultural events, etc.  
“Students would sign up on their own and pay on their own. A possibility for this system might be giving students a way to customize what kind of events they receive information about,” SGA President, Lee Gatts said.
Both bills were voted on and passed by a  majority vote.