Student reports BB gun drive-by shooting attempt

A Tech student was the victim of a drive-by shooting with a BB gun near New Hall South Feb. 5 at 5:30 p.m.
According to the police report, the student noticed an older model, four-door, small car with four college-aged students in it crossing in front of New Hall South.
The occupant of the vehicle then stuck a toy pistol with an orange barrel tip out of the window and began firing at the student. The occupant starting laughing and drove off, the report said.
Donna White, administrative associate for the Tech police, said the case is considered aggravated assault.
“Simple assault is just when you use your hands. If you have to go to the hospital it becomes aggravated. And because they used a weapon, it’s an aggravated assault,” White said.
She also said the victim would have to press charges since the police were not present at the time of the incident.
Officers are still looking for the car.
According to the report, the car is a small, four-door, older model car with a bike rack on the top and a Tennessee license plate.