BCM to feed spring breakers

Approximately 40 Tech students will be serving pancakes over spring break in Panama City Beach.
The Baptist Collegiate Ministry is taking a group of Tech students to Panama City Beach, Florida to serve free pancakes to thousands of other college students that will be staying at the beach for spring break in an event called Beach Reach.
“Beach Reach is a great opportunity for students to give up their spring break to show God’s love by serving others,” Adam Miller, BCM president said, when he was asked about what Beach Reach meant to him.
Throughout spring break, Lifeway, along with several other partners, organizes and puts together this event that brings over 1,000 Christian students from colleges and churches all across the South to Panama City Beach.
“Christian students get to show the love of Jesus Christ with thousands of other students from all over the country through service and sharing of their faith,” said Miller.    
Along with serving pancakes to numerous college students, Beach Reachers will be insisting on safe travel at night for other students on spring break by offering free van rides that will take spring breakers to their desired destination.
During the van rides, students that are involved with Beach Reach are able to minister to and pray with the students.
To learn more about Beach Reach, you can visit their website by going to www.lifeway.com and searching for Beach Reach.