Chartwells looks for input in planning new eatry

Chartwells plans to replace Bonta Xpress in Swoops this fall with a new restaurant.
According to Sam Holm, director of Dining Services, Bonta Xpress has been struggling to gain attention from students since it was put in place.  Their key items such as flatbread wraps, pasta bowls, and salads offer TTU students a healthier dining option, Holm said. However, the lack of attention from students merits a change.
“A nacho bar has been talked about,” said Holm. “A burger bowl and a chicken bowl have been talked about.  The bowls are kind of a big thing right now.  We’ve talked about getting something like that out there.  Bonta is kind of our dead horse per se.”
Chartwells will get input from the food committee and students to see what would be the best choice for the new eatery.
“I didn’t really care for it.  I’d like to see it replaced with a more trustworthy and common food,” said Alex Hill, student. “Maybe a fast food chain.”
While a fast food chain may seem appealing to some, Chartwells is discouraged from putting in a chain restaurant, such as a Taco Bell or a Sbarro, because of the cost.
“When you put a brand in they are very expensive,” said Holm. “They can be upwards of $400,000 to pop one in where Bonta was only about $17,000.  You’ve got to sell a lot of burgers to pay for that. So that’s why we don’t do a lot with chains. Once a brand gets in they tend to stay for a while.”
Chartwells is open to student suggestions via email at sholm@tntech.edu.