SGA plans to begin showing working progress on bills

On Tuesday, the SGA senate unanimously voted to pass a bill that will make all passed bills available online under a subsection of the SGA tab on Tech’s website.

Freshman senator, Nathan Cole, presented the bill called the “SGA Progress Act of 2013.” Cole said that this bill is also meant to give credit to the senators who are getting bills passed.
This bill would allow students to track the progress of the bills that are passed throughout the year by SGA. Students do not currently have the access or capability to view bills that have been passed by SGA or the Faculty Senate.
First the bill goes to student affairs to be signed for approval. From there the bill, if passes, is sent to the Dean of Students, Ed Boucher. He will send the bill to the proper committee.
“Sometimes we lose track of bills in committee after they pass through the senate. This is going to be a great way for not only SGA senators, but for students that are interested in the legislation” SGA President Lee Gatts said. “This is a way to keep our senators involved but to keep our student body involved and interested in what is happening in SGA.”