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Tech to continue use of ‘Unleash Your Awesomeness’ slogan amid current student criticism

Tech’s “Unleash Your Awesomeness” marketing campaign is going to continue to be used by the University.  

“Changes may come down the road, but for the foreseeable future, ‘Unleash Your Awesomeness’ will continue to be our campaign for undergraduate recruitment,” Bobbie Maynard, marketing director, said. “We are always looking at what works well with our target market and at how our university brand is being represented.”
Incoming students have received “Unleash Your Awesomeness” favorably since it was introduced Fall 2010.
“This campaign is specifically targeted for traditional undergraduate recruitment,” Maynard said. “Our admissions counselors who attend recruitment events have indicated that high school students continue to respond positively to it.”
Although there are currently no plans to alter the campaign, it is likely that it will be updated or changed within the next few years.
“The campaigns usually only run for a few years,” Alexis Pope, director of admissions, said. “I think it is possible that we may have a new campaign for Fall 2015.”
Currently, the “Unleash Your Awesomeness” campaign is prevalently used at Tech’s recruitment fairs to attract potential students unsure of what university they would like to attend.
“Representatives from Tennessee Tech were present at about 100 fairs in the fall, and about 76 this spring,” Pope said. “The location of these fairs included high schools, convention centers and community colleges.”
The “Unleash Your Awesomeness” campaign does face some criticism from currently enrolled students.
“It doesn’t make much sense,” Casey Hinds, student, said. “Maybe something like ‘fly above the rest’ would work better since the school’s mascot is an eagle.”