Wonder women: Going against the grain of today’s society

“Well behaved women rarely make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.
Every time I hear this quote, I normally get mad and think, why can’t I be a well behaved woman and make history? Now, I look at it differently and am convinced I can.    
In today’s society, women are told it is bad to want to be married and be the little helper, have babies, and be the “A-typical” housewife and soccer mom. Society says that women have every right to rule over a man, run the household, and make their men weak by usurping their God given rights to be the leader.
For me, this makes me angry. I see some of the most beautiful women in my church. They are from this era, but they are companions, helpers, wise, submitted, servants, kind, have good attitudes, ambitious, virtuous, willing, full of integrity, uprightness, patient, and disciplined. These women try to be like true historical women.
Historical women like Eve. Yes, Eve. Though she fell into sin, God forgave her. She was the first mother! God built her to do this! She helped her husband tend the garden, raise their children, and she obeyed her husband.  This is so opposite what our society is saying.
Our society would call Eve weak because she was actually submitted to her husband. I say they are wrong. I believe she was strong. It takes faith to become the mother of all living.
Another woman of history was Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She called him lord. She was a wise counsel to him, and at the age of 90, she had a baby, after longing for one her whole life.
It is extremely sad that we want abortions, when all Sarah wanted was a baby. Many women struggle with the fact that they cannot conceive, yet other women care less and remove innocent life within them.
Rebekah, another woman who submitted to work, and then submitted to her husband. Esther submitted to a king and saved her people, God’s people. Ruth gave up a life in the world, where they sacrificed innocent children to an idol, turned to a faith in God and became the grandmother of King David. Rahab, yes a harlot, gave God her heart, when the walls of Jericho fell, she was saved, left behind her old way of life and earned a place in the lineage of Jesus Christ.
Deborah was the only female judge in Israel. She stayed submitted to her husband, encouraged a military leader and helped minister peace to the land.
I want to be like these women, true wonder women. I want to be submitted, wise, helpful, kind, ambitious, virtuous, full of integrity, and uprightness.  I want to be a servant. I will not stand aside and let women with ugly hearts, feministic to the core, killing babies, and turning into men, set the standard any more.
Here is an old standard I believe we should revive, be submitted. Whether it comes to the work place, home, or church be submitted. I find more protection in submission than in being a bull and getting my way.
There is more power in submission, than in making everyone submit to me.
“Well behaved women rarely make history,” said Ulrich.
I will make history by not behaving like society wants me too. I will be a true “Wonder Woman.”