Day: April 4, 2013


Faculty Senate supports benefit equality for all employees

Tech’s faculty senate passed the motion to offer benefit equality to faculty in domestic partnerships, during Monday’s meeting. Brian O’Connor, the president, said several members requested a secret ballot, which caused the senate to disagree. Several other members opposed the secret ballot, and motioned for a public vote. In a […]


SGA passes bill to adopt dog as new live mascot

Tech fans could be cheering for Dammit if a recently passed resolution to adopt a live mascot makes its way through the faculty senate. Last Tuesday SGA passed a bill into action entitled “An Act to Adopt a Live Dammit the Dog Mascot.” Senator Drake Fenlon presented the bill to […]


Tech to host Baja SAE tournament

Hyder-Burks Agriculture Pavilion will transform into an off-road vehicle race track, as Tennessee Tech hosts the 2013 Baja SAE collegiate design tournament, open to the public April 18-21. Hundreds of Baja teams from all across the world will be competing by engineering and designing an off-road vehicle that will survive […]


Professors play music for Sony Playstation 4

Several professors will have their names in the credits for playing musical pieces for the new Playstation 4 to be released later this year. Professor William Woodworth is one of Tech’s faculty to collaborate on instrumental pieces for the Sony gaming system. He was accompanied by Roger Martin, professor of […]



Major League Baseball has been looking into a topic that is beginning to gather more and more steam.  No, it’s not replay or performance enhancing drugs, but rather it is the situation of plays at the plate. San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy has been very vocal on the issue since […]


Reshaping a country: Why gay rights matter

Dear readers, when my section editor said I should be the one to cover the topic of gay marriage, I paled. I was immediately scared to even try and voice my opinion. But, that thought caused me to pause and ask: Why am I not entitled to give my opinion […]


Monsanto bill signed into law

March 26, while the Supreme Court hearing regarding gay marriage distracted many American citizens, President Obama signed his name to H.R. 933, a continuing resolution spending bill approved in Congress days earlier. Buried 78 pages within the bill exists a provision that grossly protects biotech corporations such as the Missouri-based […]


Tech Chorale to participate in Vatican mass

Tech’s Chorale group will be traveling to Italy for a concert tour in May. The ensemble has been preparing for their 10 day trip to Italy for a year now. The choir has historically traveled abroad, but never to Italy. “The choir director before me took a group to London. […]


Internet giants hoax consumers, fans

April Fools’ Day was filled with pranks by some of the biggest names on the internet. Google announced Google Nose Beta, which was allegedly designed to allow users to both search by scent and smell through search. “By intersecting photons with infrasound waves, Google Nose Beta temporarily aligns molecules to […]


Hannah’s celebrity gossip

Early Monday morning, 30-year-old Glee star Cory Monteith checked himself into rehab for substance abuse. His rep told People Magazine, “[Monteith] has voluntarily admitted himself into a treatment facility for substance addiction. He graciously asks for your respect and privacy as he takes the necessary steps towards recovery.” Chris Brown […]