Professors play music for Sony Playstation 4

Several professors will have their names in the credits for playing musical pieces for the new Playstation 4 to be released later this year.
Professor William Woodworth is one of Tech’s faculty to collaborate on instrumental pieces for the Sony gaming system. He was accompanied by Roger Martin, professor of flute, and James Lotz, professor of bassoon.  
“Several of us have had chances to do recording sessions in Nashville which has been really great,” said Woodworth.
“We got to know the people who do the contracting and that’s how we got hired for this recording session. I don’t even know what I play when I go [to Nashville]. I go over there. I sit down. They hand me music and I play it,” Woodworth said.
Senior music education major Emily Hall said she has great respect for the project. “To him it’s one of many playing gigs he’s had over the years. With the overwhelming gaming market today this piece of work will be heard millions of times,” Hall said. “People who don’t even know what an oboe is will hear it every time they turn [a Playstation 4] on.”
Woodworth said he chooses to focus on the quality of his work rather than for whom the work is done.
“For me, it’s about being really good at what I do and getting called back for another piece. There is a saying in the music business – ‘you’re only as good as your last job’,” Woodworth said.
Hall said the success of her professors is inspiring.
“Having professors who are still at the top of their field is awesome. It shows that they still work as hard, if not harder, than they expect us to. Plus, it’s really cool to list off all the popular things your own professors have played on,” Hall said.
The Sony Playstation 4 is expected to be released in late 2013.