SGA passes bill to adopt dog as new live mascot

Tech fans could be cheering for Dammit if a recently passed resolution to adopt a live mascot makes its way through the faculty senate.
Last Tuesday SGA passed a bill into action entitled “An Act to Adopt a Live Dammit the Dog Mascot.” Senator Drake Fenlon presented the bill to the senate, which passed with a majority vote.
The bill came about because of Dammit the Dog, the legendary mutt who is now buried beside the fire hydrant on the Main Quad.
Tech legend has it that during an outside speech given by President Everett Derryberry’s, a stray dog wandered past him. When the dog wouldn’t move, President Derryberry became irritated and proclaimed “Dammit!” at the pooch. After that, the dog became a small and furry celebrity on campus.
When Dammit died he was buried outside of what is now Derrberry Hall. His grave has been moved a few times since his death, but a small memorial now accompanies his final resting place beside the fire hydrant on the north end of the Main Quad.
Senator Fenlon’s said that his intention with the “Dammit Bill” is to “give Tech fans something else to rally behind and since the Golden Eagle is a large bird of Prey, having a dog would be an safer alternative.”
Ideas about how to select the dog to be the mascot included holding a community contest where dogs of local families could be entered to become chosen as Dammit.
“The new mascot would attend all athletic events, pep rallies, and other events and would serve as something students and fans could connect with,” Fenlon said.

The bill stated that Dammit would be taken care of by a committee that would take care of the dog while he is on campus, at games and at events.  
Another option mentioned pertaining to the care of Dammit is to have the dog live with the Oldham family in Walton House.
Other well-known live animal mascots at universities include Smokey, a Bluetick Coonhound, from the University of Tennessee, Mike the Tiger from Louisiana State University, and Ramses the Ram from the University of North Carolina.
Although it’s not certain what breed of dog will be selected if the bill passes higher committees, a few suggestions were given at the SGA meeting.
Senator Wade Dickerson asked, “What if we got a Golden Retriever since we are the Golden Eagles?”  
Fenlon said, “Since the original Dammit was a mutt and not a pure breed it would make sense to me for the new Dammit to be the same. “

The bill now will now move on to Vice President for Student Affairs Marc Burnett for approval.